Zior .....The First Monument

This page is dedicated to the one group of people that represent the beauty, weirdness ,strangeness  and the inventiveness in creating unique sound in british progressive hard rock history.

They are:

Mr. Keith Bonsor

Mr. John Truba

Mr. Barry Skeels

Mr. Peter Brewer

They call them selfs:

ZIOR......and also known as






About Me

59 years old. Started playing bass when I was 14 in a blues band based in Basildon, Essex, called BUM. After many formations and splits, finally formed a band with long time friend and singer, Steve Drewett and we called it 'Iron Maiden' and got signed to Gemini (part of President Records), recording one album and a single.

I hasten to say that although we come from the same area as the metal band with the same name (we had it first) we were not members of that band, at least I know I wasn't. I also had a stage lighting company with a contract for all Radio Caroline Road Shows, plus lighting bands like The Rubettes, Kursal Flyers, Dumpy's Rusty Nuts, Culture Club and hosts of other names. I then joined cult Southend band 'Zior' recording 2 albums and a couple of singles, taken from the albums for Nepentha and an recording one album as offshoot band called 'Monument' (Beacon)

 and later a Canvey Island band 'Gypsy Rock Squad'.

I moved up to Newcastle upon Tyne in 1984 and almost immediately joined a local bigwig blues band 'The Blues Burglars', highlight was supporting Buddy Guy & Junior Wells at Dingwalls in Camden, London. A year later I left to become bass tech for ''Venom', touring the world, as they say. I stayed with Venom's management and was asked to be Tour Manager, for a new young Folk Rock band of theirs called 'Skyclad'.

I stayed in this job for around 12 years working with bands (not always as TM) like Black Sabbath, Saxon, Manowar, Yngwie Malmstein, Love / Hate, Rage, Trouble, Amathema etc etc.


I also ran the crew at our local Rock Club working with Bon Jovi, Ozzy Osbourne, Ramones, Status Quo, et el. And although I still played & jammed during this time, in 2000, I retired from touring, got married (to my merchandiser Margaret) and started to look for a Newcastle band to play in. I joined a 'working mens club' band called 'Steve Lee & the Soultions' playing Tamala, Philli etc soul & disco music, this lasted 5 years and we still play now & again, which evolved into a new original material band 'Ambience UK', now defunct. Check out www.myspace.com/ukambience. Update, we spilt up in Feb 09.


I have recently (Oct 2008) gone back to my blues roots and joined another local blues band called 'Black River Band' www.blackriverband.biz playing all over the northeast & Cumbria. This combined with forming a management company 'Offbeat Management' and managing 'Skyclad' one of first bands I ever worked with, my own band, and a couple of others, I'm kept very busy, but it's the way I like it. http://www.offbeat-management.co.uk/


Special thanks to Mr.Barry Skeels for taking his time to lay down some facts from the life of this very obscure and fantastic band.***see Testemonials.