1.What do You remeber when thinking about Zior/Monument music journey?

From what I remember, it was a lot of laughs and fun .

 2.Give us little bit of a history about forming the band and your music influences?

I was the 3rd. to join Zior in about June 1970 . They were already a gigging band , but their guitarist had left ( I think because of his work commitments at Radio Luxembourg ) so on a saturday afternoon they rang me (having got my no. from a musicians agency which I had just joined ) and that night I played my first gig in the Revolution club in London's Mayfair (very posh)..

 3.What kind of reaction from music circles did Zior receive?

A lot of other bands were freaked out by us.

 4.Who came up with with song ideas,groove and fascinating simplicity in Your music?

The main man in Zior was undouteably Keith Bonsor , but we all contributed to song / tune writing .

 5.How many people beside musicians was involved in recordings and live shows?

. In the studio (Tin Pan Alley Studios , Demark St. London )There was 1 engineer called Bill Farley also there was a good singer called "Bugsy" ( I forget his real name)he did the vocals on things like "Za Za Za Zilda" he was a great vocalist , I beleive he died recently . R.I.P. 

 6.In that time did you think that your music will have followers all over the world and hard to die Zior/Monument fans?

 We never thought about future interest in our music , we were living day at a time in those days .

 7.Take us for a minute back in time at one of the Zior rehearsals.What do you remeber,what was the mood and did you have long jam sessions?

 Most of Zior's rehearsals were in that studio (TPA) and yes there were long sessions well into the nights ( helped by beer and curry ).

 8.Do you think will be possible to find some more recordings from that time?

I think there must be some more recordings somewhere , I don't have a copy of the 2nd album , so I can't say what has been recorded or left out . I can tell you that on the 2 CDs that I will be doing (one a Rock/Blues the other a Jazz CD ) I will be including 2 of my numbers from that period .

 9.Can You describe music on The First Monument?

The First Monument recordings were more fun than seriousapproach to music , we just had a ball , recordingwise ! .

 10.What do You remember from Monument recording session?

 We were doing the Zior 1st album at the same time as the 1st monument , so it seemed like everything was intermingling with everything else , again aided by beer .

 11.Why the band split and where did You go from there?

I was the the 1st to leave the band early /mid 1972 because we had lost tours and gigs because of a dishonest agent working under our management company (the bastard knows who he is !!! if he's still alive ) he was feeding several other bands our gigs , so naturally when we approached our manager with the list of cancellations , he sacked the agent , but we lost momentum by that time and it all slowed down . So I decided to leave , I continued to audition and joined other bands from then .

 12.Did anybody ask You about Zior/Monument all this years and will you reunite with old buddies?

 I think if the other 2 members (Keith and Pete) could be found (and I'm sure Barry would agree with me ) we could somehow be persuaded to organise a re-union gig or two , who knows ??? .

 13.Your guitar playing is so distinctive and beautifully simple.Give us some info on your gear from that time.

 I don't think my guitar playing was anything special in those days (compared to current approach to playing) my gear in those days were Marshall stacks and early on an old Hofner solid then mid 1971 a Gibson S.G. ( I nearly forgot I had briefly a Pre-CBS Telecaster but that was'nt as good as the early Hofner, the Hofner guitar had been seriously modified by myself to include active pre-amp booster in it . Also I had a home made Treble Booster footpedal and thats all for gigs . Studiowise I used everything from a 1watt combo to 1oo watts of Marshall valve gear .

 14.If possible would You play this music again?

 Whilst I don't think I would play Zior music again , I would'nt discount the possibility of re-union gigs .

 15.Any more photos/videos from Zior/Monument era?

 I'm not sure about the availability of any photos or videos .

 16.Here is the part where You can add your own comments......

 In this day and age , I live on the West coast region of S.W. Ireland . I do repairs on amplifiers/guitars plus I design and build custom gear for musicians ( mainly Valve equipment ) .I gig whenever I can Duos, Trios and bands , but at present Ireland is a bit quieter on the live music scene than a few years ago .In reflection the Zior period was a wonderful time in our lives , I'm sure Barry would echo that sentiment , it would be nice to find Keith and Pete , who knows ???As previously mentioned , I am in the state of setting up a project studio and recording 2 CDs 1 a Rock/Blues the other a Jazz, you see these days I play mainly Jazz which I love . Thats about it for now Radenko .Thanks for the time being .

Regards John Truba.


Thanks Zior Man!